Over a period of eight years I suffered from more than one hundred random and unpredictable ear aches. They often woke me up at night and deprived me of sleep. A specialist and a neurologist could not cure them. Finally in January of 2014 I turned to acupuncture with Pam at Community Acupuncture Longwood and within two months the frequency and intensity of the pain lessened. My treatments continue and my last ear ache occurred in September of 2014, nine months ago. Pam also works on my acid reflux. My use of over the counter medication is reduced by 85% and I can go to sleep earlier. I can’t imagine life without acupuncture. – SGP


Dr. Verlander was so calming and knowledgeable.  She answered all of my questions patiently as she performed the relaxation treatment.  The hour spent with her was enlightening.  -KN


This was my first time so I was a little scared of the needles – There was no pain – totally relaxing! So glad I did it that I’m going back.  -CG


I want to express the gratitude I feel for having been given my life back through acupuncture.  I am only now realizing how much the pain had caused me to withdraw from the things that are important to me and the activities I enjoyed so much. – K


I first got interested in acupuncture when I had carpal tunnel in my right hand. I went to the doctor and he said “There is nothing I can do unless you want surgery”. I thought “There has to be another answer.” I got acupuncture for 6 months straight (2x/week). I had amazing results. It’s been almost nine years since my first appointment, and I still continue to see an acupuncturist as frequently as I can. I go because it has consistently cured everything from common colds to PMS to chronic sinus headaches. My body is much stronger physically and emotionally thanks to acupuncture! -J


I had always thought of acupuncture as only an alternative for pain relief, but Pam has shown me that it can do much more.  On one visit, I was incredibly tense, unhappy, and felt as though I could chew metal and spit nails.  She interviewed me, reached for the needles, and the next thing I knew was when I woke up an hour later, totally relaxed, and almost floated off the recliner.  My body did not hurt anymore and I felt the calmness into the next day.  She has successfully worked on my digestive system, liver, and kidneys along with the stress. ..The office is very pleasant with comfortable reclining chairs, soft lighting, and contemplative music.  It was a rejuvenating and wonderful experience.  I recommend it unconditionally.  – Kevin M


Acupuncture has successfully and fairly quickly relieved some severe migraines- the head & eye pain, nausea, cloudy mind, and sensitivity to light/sound. In addition, it has lowered my blood pressure when it has been high. I have come in weighed down by daily cares and concerns (anxiety) and left with a calm heart and clarity of mind. I would never have considered trying acupuncture because of the price of ‘traditional’ clinics. The sliding scale, privacy of payment, and easy scheduling options (phone, online, walk-in) make it possible to make acupuncture a part of my life. I love the community atmosphere- big comfy recliners, soothing music, and the welcoming manner of both Pam & Jessica. I schedule my appts at the same time my friend does and we look forward to this time of relaxing together. It would be great for siblings or spouses to do together as well.  -Susan