Serenity Reflexology gift certificates are available for $35.


Students under 18:  $20 per treatment always



Micro-current Point Stimulation (MPS). Scar tissue can be released painlessly. MPS changes the polarity of the scar from positive to negative allowing the tissue to relax, returning blood circulation and nerve regeneration to the affected area.  If we can get to the area without removal of clothing, you can receive MPS. Also effective for TMJ, and muscle/joint inflammation and numbness.  MPS will be applied at the discretion of the acupuncturist at no additional charge.


Veterans with PTSD…  $5  

We will use an auricular (ears) acupuncture protocol called NADA (click to learn more). Price does not include full acupuncture treatment, just NADA, which is very effective by itself.

Vet nada