Homage to Dr Tan


This picture is of me with Dr Tan. Among the acupuncture physician community he was known around the world as a master of acupuncture. It’s very rare for a Chinese acupuncturist of his lineage to share knowledge with other acupuncturists. But this man did so with a caring heart, a love for humanity, and a passion for the success of our profession.  He took the time to explain how to choose certain point combinations to treat pain and illness. He opened my eyes to the infinity of acupuncture, which is beyond anything I had learned while getting my Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine. During his lectures he would often tell stories, little snippets of his life lessons, in the most entertaining of ways. We would just sit back and know a good belly laugh was soon in the making. He taught all over the world and he came to Orlando in Feb 2014. How lucky for me to learn directly from him. He died within a few months of this photo. He was 80.

I will always be grateful to Dr Tan. I’ve seen amazing results using his techniques. His legacy lives on in all those he taught and in is devoted apprentices who, at his dying request, carry on his teachings. Recently I took an advanced course in New York City. I think Dr Tan would be proud of his apprentices. And my gratitude and love for this man continues for he truly was a gift to the world.

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