After an Acupuncture Treatment

Many people ask what they should do or not do after an acupuncture treatment. Basically, just take care of yourself, rest, and drink plenty of water. Remember, your body is healing. Constant stress, both physical and emotional, will make the healing process take longer. Acupuncture gets your circulatory and nervous system moving in ways your body has not been accustomed. You want to honor that experience by giving yourself time to see how things settle. The goal is to maintain zero pain between treatments. This will build a strong neurological connections to the brain that was once in a constant pain loop, to now heal and open channels. Your body will be able to self heal. This takes energy that your body inherently possesses. Your body just needed a little redirection. Thank goodness your getting acupuncture. Follow your acupuncturist’s advice on frequency of visits. Generally, at Community Acupuncture of Longwood, we suggest at least twice a week for the first 2 weeks.

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