Pain: How fast can you feel relief with acupuncture?

Within seconds you should feel 70-100% pain relief with acupuncture on the first visit. Yes, I said that. After your first visit, you will more than likely need to get acupuncture 2-3 times per week for 2 weeks to sustain the results. Then visits spread further apart until the pain no longer exists. Acupuncture will break the neurological pain cycle. Depending on your own body, the number of treatments will vary. There are 3 reasons why you may not get these results:

1) The acupuncturist picked the wrong areas to needle. A good acupuncturist will consider pain like a battle to be won, not giving up,  being able to quickly evaluate the proper site selection and have several back-up plans. There is more than one way to tackle pain with acupuncture.

2) There is a structural inhibition such as bone on bone, fracture, tendon tear, or a neurological condition impeding the proper function of the Central Nervous System to send messages to the brain.

3) You are doing a repetitive activity that keeps re-injuring the site.

If you are experiencing pain, please come in for an acupuncture treatment. Time to enjoy life again! Call Community Acupuncture of Longwood at 407-335-4688 or schedule an appointment now on-line from our website

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