Korean Hand Therapy (KHT)

In the clinic, we will sometimes incorporate Korean Hand Therapy (KHT). There are several parts of the body (ie scalp, ears, feet, hands) that can treat the whole body. The Koreans figured out that the back of the hand represents the back of the body and the skeletal structure. The organs are mapped out on the palm side of the hand. The head is the tip of the middle finger, the spine runs down the middle finger and tendon to the wrist. The base of the spine ends at the wrist area. The arms are the fingers on both sides of the middle finger. The legs are the outer fingers/thumbs.  The joints on your fingers represent the joints on your extremities (arms and legs). For example, if your right ankle hurts, massage the distal joint (joint closest to nail) on the right pinky finger. Find the tender area on your finger for best results. At Community Acupuncture of Longwood, we take the time to teach you KHT for your unique situation. When you have this knowledge, you can help heal yourself even quicker. KHT is done and taught in the clinic with no extra charge.

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