Seasonal Acupuncture: Tune Up Every 3 Months

“Nothing is wrong with me, I don’t need acupuncture.” Yay you! You must have a good balance in your life between work, exercise, diet, and attitude. For people that fall into this category, I recommend acupuncture only on a seasonal basis (once every 3 months). Winter (cold and dampness), spring (wind and pollen), summer (heat), and fall (dryness and cold) carry the potential for pathogens and organ system stressors. For example, the winter cold can affect the kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for the bones, ears, teeth, and hair. A compromised kidney organ system can also show up emotionally as fear and/or depression. Keep your body tuned up by using acupuncture. There are acupuncture points that moderate excess and deficient  conditions that are brought upon us by the seasons. Acupuncture keeps us in balance regardless of what is happening in our environment. Some people even opt for a B12 shot for that extra boost to the immune system. Community Acupuncture of Longwood offers quality service at affordable rates. We take care of your health; you take care of your wallet. $35 per treatment, $20 B12.

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