Community Acupuncture of Longwood

iStock_000008875076XSmallAcupuncture made affordable and comfortable by keeping you fully clothed and relaxing in our reclining chairs. We use a distal needling method similar to treatments given to ancient Chinese emperors, with points below the elbows and knees and sometimes the scalp.  With this method, the area of pain is not needled. Your pain is being sent all the healing properties your body can supply by stimulating a distal correlating area. For example, we can treat the back by using the arm. This method is amazingly more effective than local needling. 

We believe that acupuncture should not be expensive in order to be effective. Everyone deserves the right to be pain free and live to their fullest. Our prices are low so we can exclude insurance companies, focus on health,  provide a trusting environment, and break down social and economic barriers.  

We are experts at treating stress, pain, and a wide variety of medical conditions. Community Acupuncture of Longwood is a place to relax and heal.